LaunchPod Labs builds digital products: from paper to market. We transform visionary ideas into market-ready solutions through our deep product development expertise and full-stack development capabilities.

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Our Technologies

A successful product journey starts with choosing the right technology stack.

Our globally distributed team of handpicked architects, engineers, and designers is equally adept at working with common MEAN/MERN based native frameworks, the latest no-code platforms, and integrating AI/ML tools to enhance your product's functionality and user experience.

Setting goals and outcomes are the first steps in building a successful MVP (and the eventual product). We help you create a clear product vision, define measurable outcomes to validate your product idea, and select the optimal tech stack to achieve your goals.

Get to know our Product Development Methodology that combines remote talent, agile methods, design skills, and the best coding practices.

Our Simple Process

1. Research

We have a method to create successful products by understanding the business context, listening to users, and encouraging collaborative teamwork.

2. Prototype

We create delightful experiences, aiming for perfection in the interaction layer and attention to detail in the visual layer.

3. Build

We ensure our technical decisions align with both user and business goals in every stage of your product development.

4. Iterate

We support your product's evolution right after launch, iterating progressively to achieve new goals.

About Us

We are a group of serial entrepreneurs driven by a passion for building technology that positively impacts lives. We've built and successfully sold product companies in recent years, and in that journey, we discovered a critical gap in the software development landscape.

While numerous software outsourcing companies and agencies exist, we observed a stark absence of a true product development approach. Many lack the firsthand experience of building and launching successful tech products in the market. While they may excel at delivering projects, building a B2B/B2C/SaaS product demands a deeper understanding.

LaunchPod Labs was born from the vision of creating a cutting-edge product studio, meticulously assembled with the best talent globally. Our mission is to bring your ideas to life, transforming them into impactful solutions that make a real difference.

Our team has worked at

Founding Team

Expertise: 20 years experience of product inception, development, strategy and GTM.

Ventures: FirstDialog, NightStay, LaunchPod

Exits: NightStay acquired by Paytm in 2018

Nasr Khan


Expertise: 10 years experience of product engineering, development and architecture.

Ventures: HealthScion, Culinary Stories, Silver Surfer Ventures, LaunchPod

Education: BS Computer Science – Purdue University

Sajat Jain