Case Studies


HexaHealth is a one-stop platform to cater to a patient's hospitalisation needs by digitizing all touchpoints during the patient’s journey.

The team wanted to build a fully functional MVP that can be used to test market potential and be able to expand upon the core functionalities in future.We helped the HexaHealth team to conceptualize, design, and build a user-friendly digital product to do exactly that. From UI/UX design to the final product which included custom CMS & CRM, we were able to deliver a market ready product in approximately 100 days.

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GiftPass is building a unique marketplace app for buying, selling, and trading unused gift cards. The team wanted to build a safe, secure yet user-friendly platform to do this.

We helped the GiftPass team to conceptualize and build a world class gift card marketplace incorporating best-in-class security mechanisms with a fresh & intuitive user interface. We also helped GiftPass build a custom branded debit card issuance & management platform for their users, built on 3rd party rails.

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Khelo India

Khelo India is an undertaking by Sports Authority of India to promote competitive sports from school & college level all the way up-to national championships.

Khelo India wanted to build a one-stop platform to manage all the sporting events pan India (28 states, 8 union territories). Launchpod helped Khelo India build a custom project management platform to help conduct large scale sporting events. This includes managing vendors, budgets, team coordination and multi-tier reporting. The platform also helps participating athletes keep track of the games schedules and their personal achievements.