Case Studies

SimSim AI

Unleash the Power of Generative AI Across Your Enterprise with SimSim AI.

SimSim AI isn't just an AI toolbox; it's your gateway to a new era of business efficiency and creativity. We've built a user-friendly, all-in-one platform specifically designed to empower enterprises with the power of cutting-edge generative AI technology.

Boost Productivity & Efficiency:
Effortless Automation: Eliminate repetitive tasks across departments by automating with GenAI. Generate personalized marketing materials, legal agreements, product roadmaps, and more with our custom one-click templates.
Data Integration: SimSim can be connected to various data sources (CRM, databases, static documents) to personalize and automate content based on context and real-time information.
Seamless Chatbot Integration: Build and deploy your own chatbots to personalize user experiences and provide 24/7 customer support across any website.

Unparalleled Control & Security:
Complete Data Privacy: Host SimSim on your private cloud or on-premises for ultimate data control and security.
Granular Access Management: Configure user access levels, feature permissions, and budgets for maximum security and cost optimization.
Universal LLM Compatibility: Work with any commercially available Large Language Model (LLM) including OpenAI, Google PaLM 2, and Anthropic Claude for maximum flexibility.

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Financial Fraud Detection AI

By integrating advanced AI technologies, we provided a reliable, efficient, and scalable approach to analyzing large-scale data for a large financial institution.

Utilizing generative AI with fine-tuned models, vertex databases, and network graphs, We created an AI module that's capable of analyzing large-scale transactional data to detect and prevent sophisticated financial frauds.

Salient Features:
Real-time Detection & Reduction of False Positives: Identifies suspicious patterns and anomalies in real-time, minimizing false alarms and ensuring swift action against fraudulent activities.
Data-Driven Insights: Analyzes a wider range of data points beyond traditional credit history, including alternative data sources and behavioral patterns, to provide a more holistic view of an individual's financial health.
Reduced Risk & Improved Lending Decisions: Provides accurate credit scoring models, leading to better risk assessment and informed lending decisions.


HexaHealth is a one-stop platform to cater to a patient's hospitalisation needs by digitizing all touchpoints during the patient’s journey.

The team wanted to build a fully functional MVP that can be used to test market potential and be able to expand upon the core functionalities in future.We helped the HexaHealth team to conceptualize, design, and build a user-friendly digital product to do exactly that. From UI/UX design to the final product which included custom CMS & CRM, we were able to deliver a market ready product in approximately 100 days.

The patient journey within the healthcare system is often fragmented and complex, especially when seeking necessary medical procedures. Patients lack a centralized platform to research options, compare hospitals and specialists, and manage the logistics of their hospitalization experience. This leads to frustration, delays, and potentially higher costs for patients seeking the best care. The founding team aimed to address this challenge but lacked the technical and product expertise.

We initiated intensive collaboration with HexaHealth founding team, delving deep into their vision to understand the ideal patient experience. A detailed roadmap was created, outlining the development of the MVP. We focused on exceptional UI/UX design principles to ensure ease of navigation for patients. Additionally, the platform included custom CMS and CRM tools for efficient management and communication. A fully functional MVP was delivered within approximately 100 days with rigorous testing and QA.

The MVP transformed the patient experience, serving as a one-stop solution for finding and managing medical procedures across a wide range of specialties and hospitals. Patients could easily compare 45 different procedures among 50+ hospitals, aiding informed decision-making. Within the 1st month of launch, the platform generated 10,000 validated leads – a strong indicator of market need and product effectiveness. They also secured $4.5 million in funding from top investors within just 3 months.

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GiftPass is building a unique marketplace app for buying, selling, and trading unused gift cards. The team wanted to build a safe, secure yet user-friendly platform to do this.

We helped the GiftPass team to conceptualize and build a world class gift card marketplace incorporating best-in-class security mechanisms with a fresh & intuitive user interface. We also helped GiftPass build a custom branded debit card issuance & management platform for their users, built on 3rd party rails.

Unused gift cards represent a substantial amount of untapped value for both consumers and businesses. Existing gift card marketplaces often lack robust security measures or intuitive user experiences, hindering widespread adoption. GiftPass envisioned a solution to address these pain points but needed support in developing a world-class platform.

We partnered closely with the GiftPass founding team to understand their vision of a secure, seamless gift card exchange. This led to the conceptualization of a comprehensive marketplace platform prioritizing ease of use and best-in-class security protocols. Developed a detailed roadmap for building the platform, focusing on a fresh and intuitive user interface (UI/UX) to streamline buying, selling, and trading gift cards. Also developed a custom-branded debit card feature for flexible gift card spending.

The resulting marketplace is a delightful experience offering a safe and user-friendly platform for individuals and businesses to unlock the value of unused gift cards. State-of-the-art security mechanisms reassured users, fostering trust in transactions. The platform's intuitive design encouraged engagement, leading to a successful MVP and the first round of funding for the founders by renowned investors.

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Khelo India

Khelo India is an undertaking by Sports Authority of India to promote competitive sports from school & college level all the way up-to national championships.

Khelo India wanted to build a one-stop platform to manage all the sporting events pan India (28 states, 8 union territories). Launchpod helped Khelo India build a custom project management platform to help conduct large scale sporting events. This includes managing vendors, budgets, team coordination and multi-tier reporting. The platform also helps participating athletes keep track of the games schedules and their personal achievements.

Organizing sporting events across a vast geographical area involved numerous stakeholders and complex logistical processes. This often led to communication gaps, inefficient resource allocation, and potential delays. Existing systems lacked a unified platform for managing vendors, budgets, team communication, and reporting. This hampered transparency and accountability, making it difficult to track progress and identify areas for improvement. Adding to this, the athletes often faced difficulties accessing event schedules, results, and personal performance data in a centralized manner..

Khelo India partnered with Launchpod to develop a custom project management platform. This platform tackled key issues by providing a centralized hub for managing vendors, budgets, team communication, and reporting, streamlining event logistics through automation, offering real-time data insights for better decision-making, and empowering athletes with a dedicated portal for accessing schedules, results, and performance data, ultimately leading to improved coordination, resource management, transparency, and athlete engagement.

The custom project management platform significantly enhanced event management efficiency and transparency, leading to several positive outcomes. Streamlined communication and collaboration among stakeholders improved coordination and minimized errors. Optimized resource allocation and task management ensured efficient utilization of resources. Real-time data provided valuable insights for informed decision-making and swift course correction when necessary. Additionally, a dedicated athlete portal empowered athletes by providing easy access to event schedules, results, and personal performance data, fostering engagement and enabling them to track their progress effectively.