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Artificial Intelligence is changing the world at breakneck speed. It's time you leveraged the power of AI for your business and got ahead of the competition. Our product development experience and AI training expertise will help build a profitable AI solution for your business in a fixed time and budget.

Buld AI Apps - With LaunchPod Labs

How we build AI Apps

Step 1: Requirements

We have a method to create successful products by understanding the business context, listening to customers, and understanding the final goals. We also bring in our product development insights to help you pick features & functionalities that will make most impact.

Step 2: Planning

We provide complete and transparent details of cost & time before the start to avoid any last-minute surprises. You know the final outcome even before the work starts. We believe that budget should be the last thing for you to worry about while building your big idea.

Step 3: AI Training

Efficient training is one of the most crucial parts of a successful AI product. We take your raw data and contextualize, clean and prime it for error-free training. This is followed by the actual GPT-3 model training and prompt engineering, constantly testing the model for predictable and consistent output.

Step 4: Launch

After building your AI model, we also build the front & backend around it for a complete & market ready AI App. Once launched, we support your product's evolution right after launch, iterating progressively to achieve new goals. We can be your virtual CTO for as long as you want, while you work on business growth.

Build AI Apps

How LaunchPod Works

We are a full-stack product studio with specialization in creating successful MVPs using our proprietary low-code framework. We help take your idea from paper to market at blazing fast speeds. Here are few reasons why you should work with us for your next product - 

Built by experts

At LaunchPod Labs, we bring together a team of full-stack product experts with over 20 years of combined experience in building successful products. Our expertise in SaaS, AI, mobile apps, and consumer internet makes us the ideal partner for turning your product vision into a reality.

Fixed price, upfront

We understand that time and budget are two of the biggest challenges facing startups and entrepreneurs. That's why we offer a fixed price, upfront service that validates your idea within a specified time and budget, so you can focus on growing your business.

Support & maintenance included

Our simple subscription model means that once your product is launched, you won't have to worry about system maintenance, upgrades and ongoing AI training. We'll take care of it all, so you can focus on what matters most.

Reliable outcome

We believe in delivering a reliable outcome by using proven QA methodologies to ship solid, working products. Your product will undergo automated testing followed by manual checks by our QA experts, ensuring it's ready for launch without any glitches.

Our experienced team of engineers and designers has worked with the top product companies


What is GPT-3?

GPT-3 is a language processing AI model developed by OpenAI. It is considered one of the most advanced AI models to date. It is capable of natural language processing, language translation, question-answering, and more. GPT-3 uses deep learning techniques and is pre-trained on a massive corpus of text data from the internet. This allows it to generate human-like text.

What is Low-Code Development?

Low-code is a software development approach that requires little coding to build applications and processes. We have built a proprietary library of about 500+ features & components (like user management, shopping cart, secure payments, marketplace, CMS etc). We can stack them together and customise them, any way you want. This helps us build custom apps in super fast manner and costs less too.

How much does it cost to build AI Apps?

It all depends on your use-case and product compexity. However, it still costs ways less than a traditional development agency would charge you. For example, a simple AI app powered by GPT-3 can be built for as low as $5000, using our low-code approach. Discuss your idea with us and we can give you an unbeatable quote within 24 hours. Click here to book a free consultation with us today!

Do you offer ongoing support?

Of course! we have very simple & straightforward subscription plans that cover ongoing support and maintenance. This means we not only design & build your product but once it is launched, we will also take care of all maintenance too. Your idea is in perfectly good hands. Give us 30 mins and we can convince you beyond doubt. Book a free consultation today!




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